Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anderson to leave OT

Anderson statistics for the last two seasons:

1) 2007-08: 37 games played...2 assists and no goals

2) 2008-09: 36 games played...5 assists and no goals

The only thing I remember about his 2 seasons are his dominance of Gerrard and Fabregas and his wonderful penalty in the Moscow final. Time and again, most of us remember his "no senior team goals", games where he has been completely ineffective. It was widely rumoured that with the arrival of Anderson, Fletcher would probably leave. Now, look where Fletcher is and what has Ando achieved in these two seasons.

There is no doubt he has potential to be world class and OT is the ideal stage to achieve that. But will he achieve that potential? Does he have the temperament? As fas, I dont think we can comment on this. He has the potential...the rest will be taken care by SAF and the coaching team.

Now, the main question. Should he leave the club? In my opinion, no. But if he has had a bust-up with SAF then best would be to release him and get another good midfielder. We have a good midfielder in Darren Gibson and Ljajic shows promise as well. But that leaves us short of midfielders because even Hargreaves is out.

If Anderson leaves, then we can get maybe £15 million. A creative midfielder should be our priority. I really want us to go for Sneijder. Van der vaart would be good but my pick would be Sneijder.

All said and done..I really wish Ando does not leave and goes on to realise his potential at OT.

Glory Glory Manchester United!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A flattering result for us. Frankly, not a commanding performance..we have to really pull up our game if we have to get something out of the Arsenal game next week.

Star performers were Rooney, Vidic and Fletcher. Vidic was strong and robust as always. Fletcher was there all around the park and could have got us a goal as well. Rooney was simply amazing and always looked likely to be our scorer. I like his first goal..it was a true strikers goal. Hope he maintains this streak.

Michael Owen took his goal really well. If he remains fit then he can surely hit 15-20 for us this season. But the point is will he get the service.

Nani and Valencia were aweful in the first half..Valencia hardly saw anything of the ball. Nani as always dribbles a shade too much. Berbatov was good..had some good chances..some few good touches as well and if he performs like this every week, then nothing like it.

Honestly, if Berbatov, Nani and Valencia play the way they played in the 2nd half today, then Michael Owen could win his first English league title after 13 years in top-flight football..

Glory Glory Manchester United!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

FA Community Shield: Manchester United vs. Chelsea

It was a game of two halves...United was the better team in the first and Chelsea was simply too good in the second. Defensively we were good just that Oshea allowed Malouda a lot of freedom. Foster was nervous at times but made a couple of good saves.

In the midfield, Fletcher was good while Carrick was decent. Nani scored a good goal but otherwise was pretty much ineffective. Park was again his industrious self. Valencia was a disappointment but he will slowly get better.

Berbatov showed some good touches but otherwise I think he does slow down the game a lot. I hope SAF plays him purely as a centre-forward. Rooney was our best player. Kept running all through and took his goal well. Owen made a few good runs as well.

Penalties...well as always they are a lottery. But Giggs should have taken it better. Evra was harrowed I think but still not an excuse for such a sloppy penalty. I dont understand why Rooney, Owen and Scholes dont take penalties.

On the whole, I think we will have to really step up our game if we have to retain the EPL and win the UCL.

Glory Glory Manchester United!!!