Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The radiance of her friendship. The passion of his love. Now he stares into an empty glass and a lonely life.

PS: Short fiction in 140 characters

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Till we meet again...

I often wonder how and when we will meet again. It has been so long you know. In numerical terms, it has been a good 421 days since we last met but in reality it has felt like a lifetime. And I still remember that cold wintry December evening when we met last. Definitely not one of our best times together.

I wonder how I'll react on seeing you after so long. Will it be the melancholy of having lost a beautiful friendship? Will it be anger on myself for my mistakes or frustration at my inability to keep faith, to keep fighting? May be I will breakdown. May be I won't be able to keep my emotions in check.

And how you will react. Will you be as cold and indifferent as you were when we last met? Will you still treat me with that polite and formal tone of yours? Or will you be that warm and loving friend that I knew so well?

Will it bring back memories of a beautiful past or the memories of the pain? Will we reminiscence about the past or will we talk about the present? There is so much about you that I want to know. So much about me that I want to tell.

Or will be talk about the future. Wait. Is there any future at all in the first place? I still hope there is one.

I guess I'll only find out when we actually meet. I'll have to leave that one on fate.

So take care and keep smiling my shining Diamond. Till we meet again...