Saturday, September 26, 2009

Honestly speaking it was quite a predictable game. Stoke had 5 across their midfield with one up front. The attempt to stiffle our play worked quite well until Giggs came on. As always we are going to meet teams like this. But always we are not going to leave with all 3 points.

Defence was decent today. Stoke never really posed any problems.

1. But I feel Rio has lost some of his calmness. He was a little jittery today..hesitated a few times. At times, he simply kicked the ball out of play.

2. Vidic and Evra were solid as always.

3. Oshea played it simple and got a good goal.

Midfield was a not really spectacular. We had lots of possession but lacked the killer ball.

1. Scholes was his usual..spraying passes all around but he still cant tackle. Might have been sent off even.

2. Fletcher was steady.

3. Valencia should have finished well when clean through. He has pace and does cross well but needs to be more consistent. And hopefully he should realize that his game is very predictable. He needs to add to his game.

4. Nani was a disappointment..totally. He has to take these chances.

5. Giggs = God

Attack looked a little jaded.

1. Rooney worked his socks off.

2. But Berbatov was again a disappointment. He hardly was in the game..never linked up with Rooney..hopefully he has scored and goes on to score some more.

3. I would really like to see Owen start with Rooney.

A decent outing and a good win against a tough side but we need to score more. Goal difference may be very vital this season.

Glory Glory Manchester United!!!