Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day

I’ve not been writing on this blog since a long time. But today on the eve of International Women’s Day, I felt I should write something about some of the women in my life. There aren’t many of them...but those that are are simply amazing women.

First and foremost, my mom and sister. I really don’t have much to say about these two except that I am where I am simply because of them. Both of them never really display their emotions or show their love but it’s there to be seen in everything they do for me…from screaming at me early in the morning to have my breakfast to screaming at me to sleep early at night. Two amazing ladies.

Then, there are my office colleagues and close friends Doel, Pooja and Deepti. While Doel is someone who continues to amaze me with her full of life, bubbly nature, Pooja and Deepti have inspired me with their ability to take hurt and pain in their stride and simply move on with life. What little sanity is left in my life, its partly because of these three. Thank you ladies.

And then there is you. What do I call her...a friend, a guru, a guide, a teacher, a lifeline…in short everything. She is someone who has changed me in so ways and always for the better…always. Today if I know the value of family, the value of unconditional friendship, the value of love, the value of trust, I know it because of you. From the day we met first till today, you’ve only given me something...unconditionally...irrevocably.

Every day I try and be what you wanted me to be…a person who values himself, someone who is confident of his abilities, a person who works towards what he wants without worrying about the end result, someone who is patient, someone who is understanding, someone who keeps faith. If you read this, I hope you’ll be proud of me.

Though you are no longer in my life, you’ll always be my shining Diamond.

Happy Women’s Day!!!